With another new season released, it felt like a good time for another play-test.

Teams were randomly selected from the new 2019 card set and the draw turned out Boston @ Cleveland.

These are two decent teams who aren’t necessarily world-beaters, with Boston having finished 84-78 and Cleveland 93-69.

We’re going to play with stock lineups.

For starting pitchers, we’ll go with the top winning pitchers from each, which means Eduardo Rodrigez (19-6, 3.81) up against Shane Bieber (15-8, 3.28).

Some cards that have “ink” include the following:

  • BOS – 3B Rafael Devers: .311, 115 RBI
  • BOS – SS Xander Bogaerts: .309, 117 RBI
  • BOS – DH J.D. Martinez: .304
  • CLE – 1B Carlos Santana: .397 OBP

We’ll try to sneak in some card images along the way here as well…

Here we go!

Top of 1st
Mookie Betts leads off and rolls a 74. Over to Shane Bieber‘s card where a 61-79 is a SO, so that’s a whiff.
Now Rafael Devers, who rolls a 01. Look out! It’s a Deep Drive, so we’ll roll again. 61. That gives Devers a DO reading. He had a lot of two-baggers in 2019 (54, to be precise), so no big surprise there and Boston has something cooking early.
Xander Bogaerts up, rolling an 85. That’s to Bieber, where an 83-99 is an OUT. We’ll check the mod die and see it’s a 0. In the OUTS area of Bieber’s card, that’s an L4 – a line out to Jason Kipnis at second. Re-roll the dice to see if Devers is doubled off. It’s a 62, so he’s back safely. Two out.
Now J.D. Martinez up. A 33. That’s a DEF reading on his card, so there’s a chance here… Re-roll the dice and it’s an 05. The Defense Chart says to roll again on the Error Chart. We’ll do that and roll a 26. It’s a ground ball to Carlos Santana at first. He flips it to Bieber coming across to cover the bag. And the pitcher drops it! Runners on the corners with two out.
Andrew Benintendi steps in. But first… we’re playing with all the bells and whistles here. A pre-at bat roll indicates a possible on-base event. The roll is 90, which indicates a passed ball if the catcher is a PB:D or F. Roberto Perez is a PB:A, so nothing happens and we proceed.
Now it’s a 65 and another punch out for Bieber. Three outs.
No score.

Bottom of 1st
ERod.pngLeading off is Francisco Lindor. He rolls a 64 for a lead-off walk.
I’m playing with the automated steal options, so with first base empty, I’ll check the mod die to see if Lindor tries to go. He’s a 2A stealer, but the first batter of the team for each team suffers a -1 penalty, plus the pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has a -1 Hold rating, so that makes Lindor a 0A. The mod die is 1, which is higher than 0, so he’ll hold. If Rodriguez didn’t have that -1 Hold, Lindor may have been going for it…
Now Oscar Mercado. He rolls a 42. That’s in his OUT range. We’ll check the mod die, which is a 0. In Mercado’s OUTS section, that yields an L6 – a line out to Bogaerts at short. As before, we’ll roll again to see if Lindor is doubled off. A roll of 19 is too high, so Lindor is back safely. One away.
Now Santana steps up. But first – another possible on-base event has occurred. A roll of 69 on the Pitcher/Catcher Chart tells us that a Wild Pitch has occurred. Lindor moves up to second.
We roll again and… uh oh. Double zeroes. It’s a Deep Drive for Santana. Rolling again. 05. That’s a PARK reading. Check the modifier die. It’s a 6. At Progressive Field that is an F8d – a deep fly out to Jackie Bradley Jr. in center field. Lindor is a Fast runner and could go for it. He has a choice. We’ll take the gamble and roll the dice. It’s a 00. The Choice Chart says he’s caught in a rundown and eventually tagged out. Let’s use our imagination and say that Lindor starts for 3rd, sees the throw cut off, tried to make it back to second, but is tagged out on an 8-6-4.
No score.

Top of 2nd
Now it’s Christian Vazquez to lead off the Boston 2nd. He rolls an 85 with a 7 modified die. That’s an F7 on Bieber’s card – a fly out to Jake Bauers in left.
Mitch Moreland steps up. A 74 is rolled. That’s good for a strikeout on Bieber’s card.
Michael Chavis bats. It’s a 66. And Bieber racks up his 4th strikeout!
No score.

Bottom of 2nd
Puig.pngYasiel Puig
leading off. He rolls a 14. Promising… That turns out to be a leadoff walk. Puig is a 2C stealer. With the battery of Rodriguez+Vazquez, he’ll drop to a 1C. Checking the mod die with 2nd base empty ahead of Puig, we see it was a 0, so Yasiel may be going for it! We’ll take that 0 and then tack on the “1’s die”, which was a 4, for a roll of 04. On the 2019 Stolen Base Chart for a 1C stealer, a roll of 04 shows… Puig in safely with a stolen base! Cleveland with a runner in scoring position and nobody out.
Jose Ramirez bats. He rolls an 84 – an OUT on the pitcher’s card – with a 4 modified to get a G4h. It’s a hard ground out to Chavis at second and Puig hurries up to 3rd base. One out.
Franmil Reyes up next. But first, we’ve come up with another on-base event. It’s a 57, which shows a possible Wild Pitch on the Pitcher/Catcher Chart unless the pitcher has a WP:A rating. Rodriguez is a WP:B, however, so Puig hurries home with the first run of the game on Boston’s second wild pitch of the game.
We reset and roll a 07. That’s a SI+ on Reyes’ card – a base hit.
Now Kipnis is batting. He rolls a 03. It’s a Deep Drive. Rolling again. It’s a 48 – a double off of his Deep Drive section. Reyes is rated a Slow runner, and with just one out, he’ll hold up at 3rd.
Bauers batting now, with two men in scoring position. He rolls 00 and we have another Deep Drive. He rolls a 78… and we have back-to-back doubles. Two men score and it’s now 3-0, Cleveland.
The catcher Perez batting 9th. He rolls a 48 (OUT) with a 9 modifier die (F8) – he flies out to center. Bauers, an average runner, holds at 2nd.
Lindor, batting for the second time today, rolls a 19. That’s a strikeout, ending the inning.
Cleveland leads, 3-0.

Top of 3rd
Bradley leads off. A 74. Ho hum. Another Bieber strike out.
Back to the top with Betts. 31. That’s an OUT. Mod die of 0 and we have another line out – this one to Lindor at short.
Devers up – doubled in the 1st. He rolls a 90. An OUT from the pitcher card. Mod die is 3 and it’s a ground out to Ramirez at 3rd.
Seven straight retired for Bieber.
Cleveland leads, 3-0.

Bottom of 3rd
JRam.pngMercado leads off. His 57 is off the pitcher’s card for a leadoff single. Cleveland has had the leadoff runner reach base in every inning thus far.
The mod die is 1 and Mercardo is a 2B stealer, brought down to 1B. So it’s a possible steal attempt. We’ll check a 17 for a 1B stealer.  Nope. He’ll hold.
Santana up next. A 32. Even with his OBP, that’s an OUT on his card. The mod die is a 1, so it’s a pop out to Chavis at second.
Puig up. A roll of 57. That’s a SI from the pitcher’s card. Mercado is rated Very Fast, so he has a choice of going for 3rd. Let’s be aggressive again and send him. Re-roll of 11. On the Choice Chart, that says “runner is safe”, so there are men on the corners with one out.
The infield will play in at the corners.
Ramirez rolls a 44, which is an OUT. The modifier die is a 6, which gives us a “G4h” from the batter’s card, and the choice to play in at the corners works to perfection for Boston. That’s a 4-6-3 double play and they get out of the jam.
Cleveland leads, 3-0.

Let’s a take station break to check in on pitcher endurance.

Both Rodriguez and Bieber are SP-10 pitchers.

Rodriguez has pitched 3 innings (-3), he’s allowed at least one run (-1), and he’s gone through the order once (-1), so he’s got 5 Endurance remaining.

Bieber has also pitched 3 innings (-3), still has a shutout going, and has gone through the order once (-1), so he’s got 6 Endurance remaining.

Top of 4th
Bogaerts leads off. Let’s see if Boston can take some momentum forward after that big DP. He rolls a 53. That’s promising for him… On the pitcher’s card, sure enough, that’s a Deep Drive. Re-roll. 97. That’s a PARK reading. Checking the modifier die… it’s a 1, and at Progressive Field, that’s a home run! Boston gets on the board.
Martinez up next. Rolls a 61 – strikeout.
Benintendi. Rolls a 20. Yikes. Another strikeout.
Now Vazquez. An 80. That’s a DEF reading on the pitcher’s card. Roll again. 13. The chart says a possible error. Roll again. 11. The 2019 Play-by-Play Chart says it’s a ground ball through the legs of the third baseman, Ramirez. Boston still up.
Now Moreland. He rolls a 78 and strikes out for the second time today.
Cleveland leads, 3-1.

Bottom of 4th
Reyes leads off. Rolls an 03. It’s a Deep Drive. Rolls again. 76. He’s in with a leadoff double.
Now Kipnis. 34 (OUT) with a modifier die of 2 (G3). That’s a ground out to Moreland at first, Reyes moving up to 3rd.
Infield will go ahead and play in here.
Bauers at bat. But first… wow. Another on-base event and once again it’s a wild pitch that allows a runner to score. Three wild tosses by E-Rod.
We’ll roll for the actual at bat now. It’s a 35 with a 5 mod die and Bauers grounds out to second.
Perez up now with two out. He rolls a 94 with an 8 mod die and that’s a fly out to center off of the pitcher’s card.
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Top of 5th
Things not going well for Boston so far and Shane Bieber racking up huge strikeout totals.
Chavis leads off with a roll of 62 – another punch out.
Now Bradley. Another 62, and you know what that means…
To the top of the order with Betts. It’s a 93 (hey, no strikeout!) with a 2 modifier die and that’s a slow ground out to Santana at first, who’ll flip to Bieber for the out.
After 5 innings of work, Bieber has allowed 1 run on 2 hits and has 10 strikeouts with nary a walk. Not bad!
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Bottom of 5th
Top of the batting order for Cleveland. Lindor rolls a 95 with a 9 mod die – a shallow fly out to center.
Mercado up. He rolls a 75. That’s a strikeout off of the pitcher’s card.
Now Santana up, with E-Rod looking for his first 1-2-3 inning of the game. A 62, though, is a walk.
Puig at bat. Already on base twice today. But not a third time… He rolls a 90 with a 1 mod die and that’s a “Pf” reading. With an even 1s die. that’s a pop out to the catcher.
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Top of 6th
Heart of the order coming up here for Boston. Devers leads off, but it’s a 97 with a 0 mod die – a line out to second. Hey! At least it’s not a strikeout!
Now Bogaerts up – homered in the 4th… 94 with a 2 mod – a slow grounder to Santana at first. Two away.
Martinez up. He rolls a 58 – a solid single off of the pitcher’s card.
Benintendi up next. He’s struck out in both plate appearances today. This time he rolls an 89 with a 6 mod die – that’s a fly out to right, ending the inning.
Bieber gets no additional strikeouts. He’s down to 1 Endurance point remaining, so Cleveland will get somebody ready in the bullpen.
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Bottom of 6th
Reyes.pngRodriguez trying for one more inning here, possibly more depending on how it goes…
Ramirez leads off. He rolls a 59 – a single off of the pitcher’s card.
Now Reyes. He rolls a 00. Another Deep Drive for him today. The second roll is an 80. That’s another two-bagger. Ramirez is a regular runner. He could attempt to score, but with nobody out, we’ll hold him up there.
Rodriguez has a little more in the tank, but this isn’t going well and Boston could really use a strikeout or two here. They’ll turn to the pen and bring in LHRP Josh Taylor.
Kipnis bats with the infield pulled in. He rolls a 49 with a 6 mod die – an F9. Once again, Ramirez has the option to try and score, but we’ll keep him there with a 3-run lead.
Now Bauers bats. He rolls a 45 with a 7 mod die – another F9. Do we send Ramirez since this might be the last chance to score? Or do we hold him and, if Perez makes the 3rd out, so be it? (At least we’d have the top of the order due up in the 7th.) Ya… hold him.
Now Perez up. He rolls a 43 with a 7 mod die and it’s a deep fly out to left, ending the threat.
Can Boston take advantage?
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Top of 7th
Vazquez leads off with an 11 – a base hit.
Now Moreland up. He rolls a 13. A walk! And just like that Boston has the tying run at the plate with nobody out.
We’ll stick with Bieber, who faces Chavis and Bradley next – a combined 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts so far.
Chavis first… It’s a 23. Strikeout.
Bradley next… 95 with a 0 mod die. A line out to second. Re-roll to see if anybody is doubled up but a 21 says “Nope”.
Completing his 3rd time thru the order, though, brings Bieber down to 0 Endurance points remaining, so he’s officially tired, and with the tying run at the plate, we can’t take any chances.
To the pen!
Tyler Clippard enters.
Betts up… First, an on-base event occurs. A 71 shows a possible balk, but Clippard is a BK:A, and nothing happens, so we re-roll. This time it’s a 47 with a 0 mod die and Clippard gets out of it as Betts lines out to Lindor at short.
Cleveland leads, 4-1.

Bottom of 7th
ProgField.pngMatt Barnes comes in to work the 7th out of the Boston bullpen.
Lindor rolls an 07 (Deep Drive) followed by a 61 and leads off with a double.
Now Mercado up. 85. That’s a strikeout off of Barnes’ card.
Santana, an on-base machine, up. But an 87 is another strikeout.
Puig rolls a 51 and that’s a Deep Drive from Barnes’ card. A re-roll of 94 gives a Park reading from Puig. The mod die of 1… that’s a long ball at this park and that’s a potential game-ender there. Cleveland now up by 5.
Ramirez up next. Rolls an 07 for another Deep Drive. Rolls an 05 for a Park reading again, but this time the mod die is an 8 and it’s a long fly out to center.
Cleveland leads, 6-1.

Top of 8th
Cleveland sticks with Clippard to start the 8th.
Devers up. 88 with a 3 mod die. That’s a ground out to third.
Now Bogaerts. 90 with a 0 mod – liner to short.
Martinez. 96 with a 5 mod – grounder to short.
Quick 1-2-3
Cleveland leads, 6-1.

Bottom of 8th
Down by 5 runs, Boston decides to get some experience for young Darwinzon Hernandez, a 22-year old lefty.
He’s not greeted well by Reyes, who gets his third Deep Drive roll of the game – a 51. That’s followed by a 79 and Reyes has three doubles in the game and is 4-for-4.
Kipnis up and rolls an 89 – a strikeout.
Bauers rolls up a 16 – good for another punch out.
Now Perez, who rolls 07 – a SI+. Reyes is Slow, but with two outs on a SI+ has the option to try and score. Feels a little cruel to try when up by 5, so we’ll hold him.
Lindor up. He rolls a 75 and becomes another strikeout victim for the youngster.
Hernandez had 57 SO in 30 IP and, sure enough, strikes out the side in the 8th, leaving two runners on.
Cleveland leads, 6-1.

Top of 9th
Last chance for Boston.
LOOGY Oliver Perez comes in to face Benintendi. Boston will let him bat anyhow, even with a Pitcher Advantage now in play. It’s a 5-run game. Whatever… He rolls a 74 and that’s a strikeout.
Now Vazquez up. Cleveland leaves Perez in. The roll is a 36 with a 6 mod. It’s a hard ground out to short.
Moreland up next – another left-handed batter. This time we’ll go ahead and pinch hit and bring up Eduardo Nunez.
Cleveland counters by bringing in Adam Cimber.
Is this the end?
The roll is 14. That’s a DEF reading. Roll again and it’s a 57. On the PbP Chart, we’ll be checking in on the second baseman. Kipnis is a 4 – solid! It’s a high chopper. Kipnis fields it, makes the quick throw and… Nunez is out! Game over on the solid final fielding play by Kipnis!

Cleveland wins, 6-1.

Big game for Franmil Reyes, who went 4-for-4 with 3 doubles and scored a pair of runs.

On the mound, it was Shane Bieber’s day. He goes 6.2 innings for the win, allowing a solo homer, four hits, a walk, and striking out 11 Boston hitters.

The Cleveland bullpen closed it out with Clippard, Perez, and Cimber combining to face 7 batters and retire all of them.

Thanks for following along!