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Looking for more goodies to spice up your Deep Drive Baseball project?

Here they are!

On-Base Events
Version 3 of Deep Drive Baseball is coming soon. With it comes changes to the way the On-Base Event (OBE) system works.

Pitcher and catcher cards will include a range of numbers that show you when an OBE occurs for that particular player.

Symbol Key:

– event only occurs if the player is on the away team
– event only occurs if the player is on the away team and there are two outs
– event only occurs if the player is on the home team
– event only occurs if the player is on the home team and there are two outs

There are other ways to play those symbols if you don’t mind re-rolls. Rather than using away/home rules, roll a single d10. Even rolls – the event happened; Odd rolls – it didn’t. For the ◠/◡ symbols, roll a single d10 and if the roll is a 0, the event happens; otherwise, it didn’t.

One other thing is that I intended for the OBE to occur before the play result, which should still stand. In other words, if Gerrit Cole is pitching with a runner on base and a 90 is rolled, first a Wild Pitch occurs, and immediately after that an OUT occurs. (90 is an OUT on his card.)

My reason for this is that the card formulas would need to be changed across the board to account for the fact that, sometimes, pitchers are not getting a result off of their card because it’s taken away due to an OBE.

For those who prefer to keep the pre-plate appearance roll, just do one roll of your percentile dice before your plate appearance. If the roll is 00 – 89, you know there’s no chance of an OBE, so re-roll and resolve the PA. If the roll is 90 – 99, you know there’s at least a chance of an OBE, so check your pitcher and catcher cards. If an OBE does occur, repeat this process in case you have back-to-back OBEs. Otherwise, re-roll and resolve the PA.

As always, your feedback is welcome! I’ll continue to post updates in this thread.

This contains the charts and supplemental features that were no longer present in the new, slimmed-down rule book. This includes Automatic Runner Advancement, Outfielder Assignments, Using the Bench, Post-Game Injuries, and Odd Plays and In-Game Injuries.

Version 1 Files
These are the final editions of the original files – the rule book, quick start guide, and odd play book. You can still use any of these if you prefer them over the new layout and charts.

Version 3 Files
This are the beta version of the rule book.

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