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Connie Mack and the Philadelphia squad brought the championship to the American League, besting John McGraw’s New York team.

The pennant races weren’t the most thrilling, with the Mack-men holding off Walter Johnson and Washington by 6.5 games and New York winning the NL by 12.5 games over Philadelphia.

Leading the way for Philadelphia (A) was Eddie Collins, who hit .345 with a .441 OBP, stealing 55 bases. Home Run Baker poked 12 long balls, driving in 117 runs while hitting .337. Stuffy McInnis hit .324 with 90 RBI.

Philly beat teams to death, averaging 5.2 runs per game, with the 2nd best offense in the AL averaging a full run less. It’s not even close.

For New York, it was run prevention that stood out, allowing 3.3 runs per game – half a run less than any other team in the NL.

They had three pitchers with 22 or more wins, led by veteran Christy Mathewson (25-11, 2.06), Rube Marquard (23-10, 2.50, 4.7 SO/9) and Jeff Tesreau (22-13, 2.17, 5.3 SO/9).

Let’s dive in to some highlights!

Boston (A) (79-71)
Batting:  Tris Speaker ties for a set-best 9 Deep Drives, has 29 on-base chances, and is a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Dutch Leonard allows a set-low “rare 8” Deep Drives against and Hugh Bedient has 0. On the flip side, Fred Anderson allows a set-worst 10 Deep Drives and 26 on-base chances; he’s also a set-worst +9 Hold. Smoky Joe Wood has a set-best 16 strikeout readings.

Boston (N) (69-82)
Batting:  Hap Myers is one of a quartet of 5A base-stealers. Les Mann has a set-high 12 strikeout readings.
Pitching:  Dick Rudolph eats up innings with a SP-15.
Defense:  Bill Sweeney is a 2B-1.

Brooklyn (65-84)
Batting:  George Cutshaw is a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Cliff Curtis allows 0 Deep Drives. Mysterious Walker has an NL-best 10 strikeout readings.
Defense:  Zack Wheat is a LF-5, but Bob Fisher is a SS-1.

Chicago (A) (78-74)
Batting:  Ping Bodie has 25 HR from Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Buck O’Brien allows 0 Deep Drives, but also 23 on-base chances. Reb Russell has only 11 on-base chances against.
Defense:  Hal Chase is a 1B-1.

Chicago (N) (88-65)
Batting:  Vic Saier has 27 HR from Deep Drives. Frank Schulte ties for an NL-high 8 strikeout readings.
Defense:  Tommy Leach is a CF-5.

Cincinnati (64-89)
Batting:  Joe Tinker has 8 Deep Drives. Armando Marsans is a 4A base-stealer.
Defense: Part of that famed Chicago double play combo from earlier in the century, Tinker is still a SS-5.

Cleveland (86-66)
Batting:  Shoeless Joe Jackson has 8 Deep Drives and 29 on-base chances.
Pitching:  Willie Mitchell has 11 strikeout readings and Cy Falkenberg has 10.
Defense:  Shoeless Joe is a RF-1.

Detroit (66-87)
Batting:  Ty Cobb has a set-best 30 on-base chances and is a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Ralph Comstock allows 23 on-base chances. Both him and Hooks Dauss allow a ton of steals; they’re each +4 Holds.
Defense:  Bobby Veach is a LF-1.

New York (A) (57-94)
Pitching:  Ray Caldwell is an innings-eater as a SP-15.
Defense: There aren’t any negative catcher arms in the set among regulars, but there is a +2 with Ed Sweeney. Roy Hartzell is a 2B-1.

New York (N) (101-51)
Batting:  Larry Doyle is a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Rube Marquard and Al Demaree each allow just 11 on-base chances. You can’t run on Art Fromme, who has a -10 Hold.

Philadelphia (A) (96-57)
Batting:  Eddie Collins has 27 on-base chances and is a 4A base-stealer. The regulars feature 4 players rated as Very Fast and one more who is Fast. Rube Oldring is also a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Bob Shawkey has 0 Deep Drives allowed. Eddie Plank has 11 strikeout readings.

Philadelphia (N) (88-63)
Batting:  Gavvy Cravath ties for a set-best 9 Deep Drives and also has 27 HR from there. Beals Becker has 8 Deep Drives. Fred Luderus has 30 HR readings from Deep Drives. Dode Paskert ties for an NL-high 8 strikeout readings. They’ll need to go deep, because station-to-station won’t work – 1 Very Slow and 2 Slow runners among regulars.
Pitching:  George Chalmers allows a whopping 21 on-base chances.
Defense:  3B Hans Lobert, LF Becker, and CF Dode Paskert all get 5s.

Pittsburgh (78-71)
Batting:  Chief Wilson has 26 HR from Deep Drives. Max Carey is one of a quartet of 5A base-stealers.
Pitching:  Babe Adams allows an NL-best 10 on-base chances.

St. Louis (A) (57-96)
Batting:  Jimmy Austin is a 4A base-stealer. Gus Williams has 9 strikeout readings.
Pitching:  Earl Hamilton chews up innings with a SP-15.

St. Louis (N) (51-99)
Batting:  Miller Huggins has an NL-best 26 on-base chances.
Pitching:  Bill Steele allows an NL-worst 7 Deep Drives, but at least he has a -4 Hold. Pol Perritt and Dan Griner allow NL-worst 21 on-base chances.
Defense: 5s everywhere! 1B Ed Konetchy, 2B Huggins, and LF Lee Magee each get top marks.

Washington (90-64)
Batting:  Clyde Milan and Danny Moeller represent half of a quartet of 5A base-stealers. Moeller has a high-for-the-era 10 strikeout readings. Howie Shanks is a 4A base-stealer.
Pitching:  Walter Johnson allows a set-low 7 on-base chances and has 14 strikeout readings. He’s also one of four pitchers with a 15 Endurance.
Defense:  George McBride is a SS-5. However, 3B Eddie Foster, CF Milan, and RF Moeller are all 1s.