With as many championships as New York (A) has won, it’s sort of amazing that this marks the first one being released by Deep Drive Baseball.

You can purchase the 1952 season in PDF format today at the Sellfy store.

It was the rookie season for Hall of Famers Eddie Mathews and Hoyt Wilhelm.

Also making their rookie season in 1952 was eight-time All-Star Dick Groat as well as Jim Piersall, Stu Miller, Joe Nuxhall and Lew Burdette.

Saying goodbye after the ’52 season was Hall of Famer Lou Boudreau as well as Charlie Keller, Tommy Holmes and Snuffy Stirnweiss.

Let’s dive in to some highlights!

Boston (A) (76-78)
Batting: Dick Gernert has 7 Deep Drives. Speed – 3 regulars are (F)ast or better.
Pitching:  Mickey McDermott has 12 SO readings and is a H-10. Willard Nixon allows a set-worst 7 Deep Drives and AL-worst 23 on-base chances.
Defense:  Johnny Lipon is a SS-5.

Boston (N) (64-89)
Batting: Rookie Eddie Mathews has a whopping 14 strikeout readings – highest in the NL. 3 (F)ast regulars in the lineup including Sam Jethroe, a 2A base-stealer.
Defense:  Sam Jethroe is a CF-1.

Brooklyn (96-57)
Batting: Gil Hodges has 7 Deep Drives. Jackie Robinson’s 27 on-base chances are 2nd best in the NL. Him and Pee Wee Reese are each 2A stealers.
Pitching:  Johnny Rutherford shuts down the running game with a H-9. Chris Van Cuyk allows a set-worst 7 Deep Drives.
Defense:  Roy Campanella is one of two catchers with a T-1.

Chicago (A) (81-73)
Batting: Jim Rivera and Minnie Minoso are each VF runners and a 2A and 2B stealer, respectively.
Pitching:  Joe Dobson and Lou Kretlow each allow just 1 DD, the former also surrendering just 12 on-base chances and latter has a set-best 13 SO readings. Run at will – Saul Rogovin is a H+2.

Chicago (N) (77-77)
Batting: Hank Sauer is one of just 2 NLers with 8 Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Warren Hacker allows a set-best 9 on-base chances and rotation-mate Bob Rush only 12. On the flip side is Joe Hatten, giving up 23 on-base readings.
Defense:  Bill Serena is a 3B-5, but Eddie Miksis is a 2B-1 and Toby Atwell is a T+1 catcher.

Cincinnati (69-85)
Batting: Double threats Ted Kluszewski and Joe Adcock each have 7 Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Bubba Church gives up 6 Deep Drives.

Cleveland (93-61)
Batting: Larry Doby is one of just two ALers with 8 Deep Drives, but also has 13 SO readings. Al Rosen has 7 Deep Drives. Luke Easter makes the most of DD readings with 67 HR readings.
Pitching:  Mike Garcia allows just 1 DD and Bob Lemon only 12 on-base chances.
Defense:  Shaky right side of the infield with Luke Easter (1B-1) and Bobby Avila (2B-1).

Detroit (50-104)

New York (A) (95-59)
Batting: Mickey Mantle is one of just two ALers with 8 Deep Drives. Yogi Berra homers on a 00-58. Gene Woodling has 24 on-base chances.
Pitching:  Allie Reynolds allows just 1 DD and has 11 SO readings. Bill Miller also allows only 1 DD but is also a H+2.
Defense:  Woodling is a LF-5 but his neighbor Mantle is a CF-1.

New York (N) (92-62)
Batting: Bobby Thomson has 7 Deep Drives while Wes Westrum homers on a 00-52 from his Deep Drive section.
Defense:  Wes Westrum is one of two catchers with a T-1, but Bobby (3B) and Hank Thompson (CF) are each a 1.

Philadelphia (A) (79-75)
Batting: Ferris Fain and Elmer Valo lead the Junior Circuit with 28 on-base chances a piece. Gus Zernial goes deep on 00-60 from Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Bobby Shantz gives up an AL-best 11 on-base chances and is a SP-15. Alex Kellner and Carl Scheib each give up 6 Deep Drives.
Defense:  Billy Hitchcock (3B) and Elmer Valo (RF) are each a 1.

Philadelphia (N) (87-67)
Batting: Del Ennis has 7 Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Robin Roberts allows just 11 on-base chances and is a SP-15. Curt Simmons gets 11 SO readings.
Defense:  Del Ennis is a LF-1.

Pittsburgh (42-112)
Batting: Ralph Kiner homers on 00-62 from Deep Drives.
Pitching:  Ron Necciai is a Rare 8 on DD allowed, but also allows a whopping 23 on-base chances. Bob Friend gives up just 1 DD. Cal Hogue allows a set-worst 24 on-base chances.

St. Louis (A) (64-90)
Pitching:  Relievers Satchel Paige and Dick Littlefield each have 11 SO readings.

St. Louis (N) (88-66)
Batting: Stan Musial is one of just 2 NLers with 8 Deep Drives and leads the Senior Circuit with 28 on-base chances. Red Schoendienst has 7 of them.
Pitching:  Stu Miller has a Rare 8 on DD allowed and allows just 10 on-base chances. He also sports a set-best 13 SO readings. Vinegar Bend Mizell has 12 SO.
Defense:  Dick Sisler is a 1B-1.

Washington (78-76)
Pitching:  Spec Shea allows just 1 DD. Connie Marrero eats up innings as a SP-15.
Defense:  Jim Busby (CF) and Mickey Vernon (1B) each get a 5.