All published seasons are now available with the new version 1.5 Rules.

So, what exactly changed?

  • The team-specific Pitcher At Bat Cards are gone. Instead, I’m now using season-specific Pitcher Batting Cards, with 9 different levels available.
  • Pitcher Cards have a slightly different look to them, including a new BAT rating which corresponds to the Pitcher Batting Card to use when that pitcher is at bat. Don’t worry – individual cards are still available for use when a pitcher is at bat.
  • I’ve gone through and given more accurate split Endurance ratings for pitchers who both started and relieved in a given season. No more RP-3/SP-5 ratings. You’ll see a lost more RP-2/SP-9 guys now, for example.
  • The Defense charts are put together in a way to require fewer re-rolls. No more “00-63: Roll again on the ERROR chart.” Instead you’ll see something like “00-35: Roll again on the RANGE chart.”
  • The results of rolls on the Defense charts are more clearly spelled out to avoid any confusion. It takes up an extra couple of pages, but the narration makes it easier to use.
  • The formulas used to distribute Stolen Base ratings were slightly altered so things were distributed a bit more evenly. This had a trickle-down effect of altering the Stolen Base charts that are present in the Season Handbooks.
  • An extremely rare A+ Steal rating was introduced for players who are particularly tough to catch stealing, accommodating guys like Buxton, who was 29-for-30 in SBA last season. To date, I have 3,422 batter cards in the 4 seasons I’ve done – there are only 6 A+ ratings given out so far.
  • Lastly, cards are now presented in two tiers, not three. The new folders are just called “Regulars” and “Extras”.