Hey everybody.

Going through and working on my first past season release.

I’ll have more on that in the coming days, but first I wanted to make an announcement about some card changes.

After sitting on the look of the cards for the better part of 2017, I’ve decided on some changes.

I’m always interested in fewer chart look-ups and so I’ve decided to embed Ballpark Effects directly on the cards.

This should make that feature a heck of a lot less complicated to use.


Here’s an example from the 2017 season.

Right there on a player card you’ll see which rolls should be checked against the Ballpark Effects.

In this case, when rolling on Jose Altuve’s DEEP DRIVE section with Ballpark Effects, you’ll have these results given the following rolls on your red and white dice:

  • 00-19 = Check the Mod die against the Ballpark
  • 20-29 = Home Run
  • 30-34 = Triple
  • 35-84 = Double
  • 85-99 = Check the Mod die against the Ballpark

In addition, each team will now have their own Ballpark Card, so you can quickly reference that.


Let’s look at the Altuve card above, for an example. If he were playing a home game, the Mod Die would give him a Home Run on a 0-5, while 6-9 would yield a deep fly out to some part of the ballpark.

Of course, other fields allowed different levels of Home Runs during the 2017 season, so a Mod Die of 0-5 might result in a fly out in some parks while that 6-9 may be a Home Run in others.

As before, this rule is still completely optional, but it does give a nice level of additional detail to Deep Drive Baseball and these alterations will make it even easier to use.

These changes will be applied to past season sets soon – if you’re interested, contact me and I’ll get updated card sets sent off to you.