Let’s view a sample plate appearance to get an idea of how Deep Drive Baseball works.

Chicago’s Kris Bryant is at bat against Cleveland’s Corey Kluber.

The dice are rolled and come up with a red 4, white 6 and green 7.

That’s read as a 46 with a modifier roll of 7.

Rolls of 00 through 49 are from the batter’s card, so we look at Bryant’s card to find the range containing 46.

2016 Bryant - Rolls

In this case, the roll falls within his OUT range.

We use the modifier die of 7 to look in the OUTS area of Bryant’s card and find F7d.

2016 Bryant - OUTS

Bryant hits a deep fly out to left.

If there were runners on base, we would check the Baserunner Advancement Chart of the Deep Drive Baseball Game Rule Book to see if they tag up.